David Roberts, (born 1986 in Kenya) is a painter, draftsman and printmaker. Inspired by the dramatic landscapes and wild spaces of his childhood, David’s artworks focus on the fleeting patterns, light and interactions of the natural world.

Graduating from the University for the Creative Arts in the UK, David moved to Florence in 2008 to study Fine Art at Firenze Arti Visive, Italy. From 2011 he studied at the Pratt Fine Arts Center and the Gage Academy of Art, in Seattle, USA.

This formal training in drawing, painting, printing and other mediums, like pin-hole photography and encaustic wax painting, laid the foundations for the growth of his meticulous and unique methods.

Returning to Kenya in 2013, David says of that time: “I’ve always loved the effect of printmaking, utilizing layering to create. So I started mixing papers, paints and inks in layers, then finishing the painting in an encaustic wax medium. Here, some colours darkened, some were lightened. Some layers will hide, some will reveal themselves, creating the effect of natural light and vast open space.”

Growing up on the shores of Lake Baringo, one of the Great Rift Valley lakes, David’s family works alongside local communities to help them adapt to a changing environment. This backdrop is ingrained in the simple lines, luminosity and beauty of his textured and tactile work.

David’s work is connected to the environment not only in its subject matter, but also in its materials. The beeswax integral to creating his unique effect of light and depth is sourced from local women’s cooperatives which manage the beehives - communities with whom David spent his childhood.

Previous exhibitions

2019 (October and November), Group Exhibit, “The Kenya Art Diary 2020”, Heinrich Boell Foundation

2019 (July), Group Exhibit, Soames Hotel, Nanyuki Kenya

2019 (August - December), Solo Exhibit, Soames Hotel, Nanyuki Kenya

2018 (November), Solo Exhibit, Bizarre Bazaar, Karura Forest, Kenya

2018 (November), Group Exhibit, Polkadot Gallery, Christmas show, Nairobi, Kenya

2018 (November - February 2019), Works displayed, The Alchemist, Nairobi, Kenya

2018 (July), Solo Exhibit, Polkadot Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

2018 (January), Group Exhibit, “Reflections”, One off gallery in partnership with Sankara Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

2017 (October), Group Exhibit, “The Kenya Art Diary 2018”, National Museums of Kenya

2017 (November), Group Exhibit, “Blue”, One off gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

2016 Charity Exhibit, “Art with the owls”, Naivasha, Kenya

2016 (October - November), Solo Exhibit, “Peeling back the layers”, Polka Dot Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

2016 (November - June 2017), Solo Exhibit “Moveable Feasts”, Lamu, Kenya

2015 “Dawn on the River Milgis”, ArtPrize, Michigan, USA

2013 Group Exhibit, Diani Beach Art Gallery, Diani, Kenya

2012 Group Exhibit, “Traditions”, M. Rosette Hunter Gallery, Seattle, USA

2011 Works exhibited, Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle, USA

2011 Works exhibited and auctioned, The Tibet Fund Event, New York, USA

2010 Works exhibited, Lily Pond Art Center, Nanyuki, Kenya

2009 (April), Solo Exhibit, “Journey through a Lens”, Gallery Hype, Florence, Italy

2008 (April), Solo Exhibit, “David Roberts’ Recent Works”, Talisman Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

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